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6 Trucking Vlogs You Should Be Following

Vlogs to Help You Keep Up with the Industry

Truck drivers have reinvented the image of their industry with the use of vlogs and social media. Truckers now share their life on the road and trucking knowledge online using vlogs and social media. Here are 6 trucking vlogs you should follow.

Trucking Vlogs You Should Be Following

Nic and Carla

Meet the women drivers in an industry dominated by men. This married couple quit their jobs for trucking. They share their life on the road as professional truckers on their now-popular YouTube channel. Nic and Carla are so dedicated to trucking that they sold their possessions to live permanently on the road.

Trucker Josh Vlogs

Josh drives across Canada and the US documenting the journey on his YouTube channel. He is a beloved member of the trucking world who is following the footsteps of his trucker dad. Josh and his dog, Diesel, have thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram. He posts new videos each week.

Trucking with Selena

A man and his wife travel across the country and share their trucking journeys. They upload at least two videos every week on their vlog. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Trucker Brown

Trucker Brown drives his truck all around the US while documenting his trips, and offering insight and tips on the industry. He educates his vlog fans about the trucking industry based on his experiences. Sometimes he offers a glimpse of his personal life when he is not trucking. He has over 13 million views on his vlogs. Catch up with Brown’s journey on his YouTube channel or follow his adventures through his Instagram stories.

Red Viking Trucker

Red Viking Trucker has traveled through many continents and countries. He shares daily vlog posts of his trucking journey. Red also runs a truck driver coaching consultancy for new and experienced drivers trying to get their CDL. You can follow his stories on Instagram.

Smart Trucking

This vlog is run by professional truckers. They aim to support truckers by offering tips and advice about the profession. They also review truck models. The smart trucking channel is one of the best places to learn all about trucking.

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