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Trucking Simulator Helps During CDL Training

Simulation Rig Making a Difference for Students

Driving a big rig truck can be intimidating, especially the first time you get behind the wheel. Learning how and when to shift gears, sightlines, and even the feel of being in the driver’s seat can take time before you feel comfortable. With the truck driving simulator at CDS Tractor Trailer Training, students can raise their comfort level behind a big rig and gain the much-needed experience before they hit the road.

Where Training and Technology Come Together

At CDS Tractor Trailer Training, we believe that 21st-century technology can better prepare new drivers for the unique experience of driving a tractor-trailer. This is one reason why we have invested in cutting-edge simulation technology. This provides students with realistic feedback as they drive in a simulated environment.

The CDS truck simulators are a Kenworth replica with a seat facing three large screens that display an outside environment. The environment can change with the press of a button, and students can suddenly find themselves driving in sand, ice, snow, wind gusts, or fog and navigating the terrain of everything from a desert to the mountains. The load of the truck can also be changed or distributed differently, which students have to adjust to as well.

The truck simulator includes everything a real truck has, including air breaks, emergency signals, and a clutch while simulating an Eaton Fuller transmission.

Essential Part of CDL Training

Our trucking simulator is a core part of the 20-day truck driving training program at CDS. Once students finish their classroom training and receive their CDL learner’s permit, CDS will get them into the simulator to work on shifting gears. If a student wants more practice they can always schedule additional time with the simulator. Thanks to the technology, students like Mouktar Fawehinmi, are comfortable with shifting by the time they are on the road. Fawehimi spoke about the CDS simulation stating, “Before I used the simulator, shifting was hard for me, especially remembering it. I used to look at the shift and take my eyes off the road.” Now, students like Mouktar feel like a pro once they get behind a real truck.

Providing the Best for Students

At CDS, we want to provide the best possible training for our students. To do so, we have found that our trucking simulators are a helpful resource. All three CDS training centers have a trucking simulator for students to use and practice on before driving in our trucks. If you are interested in earning your CDL and would like to try out our simulator, stop on by one of our locations! We would love to show you around and discuss your training and tuition assistance options!