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CDS Winchester Training Center Uses Trucking Simulator

A New Way to Prepare Truckers for the Road

The CDS Winchester Training Center at the Lord Fairfax Community College recently had a visit from the Local DVM. The new truck driving simulator has been a big hit with our trucking students. Local DMV wanted to check it out for themselves. They checked in with James Robinson, one of our CDS instructors at our Winchester Training Center. James became a truck driver in 1993 and shared that things are much different than used to be stating, “Totally different all the way up to the pre-trip that the DMV requires you to do, we weren’t required to do all that. Even the backing maneuvers they require, I didn’t have to do that.”

One of the big changes in the industry is the training. Students can now get the hands-on experience of truck driving with the push of a button. James told Local DMV, “If you turn too sharp, you’ll take down a sign, turn to sharp you’ll hit a car. On the simulator, it will stop you and say you have crashed. Out on the road, it’s not going to stop you,” Robinson said.

Along with helping students learn how to drive safely and work on shifting, the simulator allows students to drive on different roads, states, and settings. It gives students options to practice in different weather settings and road conditions. This is extremely helpful when practicing driving in snow or on ice. It gives students a safer way to practice these harsh conditions without having to actually get on the road.

CDS Winchester Training Center is just one of the four locations CDS has throughout Virginia. All training centers have at least one trucking simulator to help students during their first few weeks of training. If you’re interested in earning your Class A CDL and would like to try out our trucking simulators yourself, head to one of our CDS training centers and test it out!