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From a Military Career to the Trucking Industry

A Great New Career for Veterans

Many members of the military return home to wonder what their next step in life will be. When they are honorably discharged from the military, what will they do to earn an income and continue to support their family? To many veterans, this is a very real and worrisome thought. However, the good news is that many military veterans who have completed their service are discovering a new career in trucking is something they can become very passionate about.

Why the Trucking Industry:

After retiring from the military, many veterans will have experience driving heavy military machinery which can translate beautifully onto the open road when they become a truck driver. In fact, all 50 states and the Washington DC have even passed a law where the Military Skills Test Waiver can be used. The Military Skills Test Waiver allows a soldier who has at least two (2) years of experience driving heavy military equipment who has done so within the last year (12 months) to be exempt from the road test portion of their education. This makes the transition into a new career even faster for veterans coming home and looking for a job transition. Veterans are also able to use their GI Bill® to help pay for some or all of their CDL training at CDS Tractor Trailer Training.

Using Your Military Skills:

Many skills that are learned in the military are required to be successful in the trucking industry. You will be required to deliver orders on time to customers who paid for the service and need the product hauled by a set deadline. Truck drivers usually drive alone. Being a self-motivated and disciplined individual to not only follow regulations on rest and driving time but to also ensure you are on schedule is also crucial to success. Finally, reliability and punctuality are required so your carrier knows that you will deliver the load on time, every time, or communicate if something comes up that prohibits you from doing so.

A Career that will Support You:

After your service to our country is completed you are able to rely on the trucking industry as an in-demand field that will ensure you have a job for the foreseeable future. Entry-level trucking jobs often start at north of $40,000+ annually and some management positions can get up into the $80,000+ range. You will also get paid vacation time as well as full health care benefits and a retirement package. Many companies also offer additional monetary incentives for reaching certain goals or performance standards in the industry.

Now that you are done serving our country, we hope that you will consider a job in the trucking industry. A secure job that will give you the peace of mind and ability to support your family is what you deserve! Now is your time to travel the country you fought so hard to protect.

For more information about why you should consider a career in trucking as a veteran, contact CDS Tractor Trailer Training. CDS provides both Class A CDL training in four convenient locations throughout Virginia.