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What Is the ELDT Mandate & What Does It Mean For You?

An Overview of the ELDT Mandate

Updated December 2021

The ELDT (Entry-Level Driver Training) mandate has been all over the news in the trucking industry lately. What is it? When will it take effect? And what does it mean for you?

What is the ELDT?

The ELDT Mandate is a set of new minimum requirements for entry-level driver training set by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). These requirements will be set at the federal level, and all CDL training providers must abide by them. With these higher standards, all entry-level drivers will be fully trained to federal standards before taking to the roads. More fully trained drivers means fewer accidents caused by new truck drivers and higher safety on our roads.

What does this mean?

  • All CDL training providers will have to apply and be approved by the FMCSA in order to provide training after February 7th, 2022. The FMCSA will list all approved training centers on their Training Provider Registry. You should complete CDL training at a school on this list!
  • Students will need to complete formal training consisting of classroom training and behind-the-wheel training on the range and on the road. This training will cover approximately 30 subjects in which the student must show proficiency and score at least 80% on the assessment.
  • Before a student can take their CDL exam, their training provider must certify them as proficient in the CDL skills curriculum and have documentation of how many behind-the-wheel curriculum hours they completed.

Who will it affect?

The ELDT Mandate will affect those getting their CDL, upgrading from Class B to Class A CDL, and adding HAZMAT (H), Passenger (P), and School Bus (S) endorsements for the first time.

If you already hold your CDL or have endorsements before February 7th, 2022, these requirements do not apply to you and will not affect you.

When Will it Take Effect?

These new requirements were set to take effect on February 7th, 2020 however, the regulation was delayed. The ELDT Mandate will now take effect on February 7th, 2022.

It’s important to complete your CDL training at a facility that has high standards in order to keep our roads safe. The ELDT Mandate will ensure that this is true for all approved training centers. You can bet that CDS is and will be following these requirements. If you’re ready to get high-quality CDL training, contact us today! 540-582-8200