Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

Check out this selection of articles below to learn more about career choices and how to prepare for in-demand job opportunities.

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    Essential Tips for CDL Truck Driver Training Graduates

    Whether you’ve just started or have recently completed your driver training, there’s a lot to consider when entering your career in this incredible industry! As you embark on the journey to turn your passion for the open road into a rewarding career, there are several key tips to keep in mind when searching for that […]

  • The Vital Role of the Trucking Industry in Our Economy

    The trucking industry, often taken for granted, plays a pivotal role in driving our economy. These road warriors, steering massive rigs across our highways, are the unsung heroes of commerce. From the food on our tables to the gadgets in our hands, almost everything we consume depends on the trucking industry’s efficiency. This industry’s adaptability […]

  • Navigating Wellness on the Open Road

    The life of a truck driver is often associated with extended hours on the road, irregular schedules, and limited access to healthy food options. However, maintaining good health while behind the wheel is a manageable challenge. Truck drivers can prioritize their well-being and lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with a few mindful choices and […]

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    What to Expect in the Coming Year

    With the continued growth of the trucking industry, updates and changes are made often, causing trends to vary from year to year. At CDS, we want everyone to be informed on what to expect within an advancing field. Here are some of the main trends you’ll likely see in 2023. New Trucks With each new […]

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    Ways to Prepare for the Seasons Changing

    Fall is the second most popular season in the United States, according to multiple studies, behind Spring. As you prepare for the popular season, you will need to be aware of certain things that may differ from Summer and Spring driving. Fall can be a tricky season, especially if you are driving in a region […]

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    Is Driving Over-The-Road Right for Me?

    After graduating from CDL training and passing the CDL exam, students will have a lot of options and opportunities available because trucking companies across the country are looking to hire drivers. Many new drivers will choose to go over-the-road (OTR) to gain valuable experience and start racking up miles. Before deciding on a career path […]