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Tips for Safe Fall Driving

Ways to Prepare for the Seasons Changing

Fall is the second most popular season in the United States, according to multiple studies, behind Spring. As you prepare for the popular season, you will need to be aware of certain things that may differ from Summer and Spring driving. Fall can be a tricky season, especially if you are driving in a region with colder weather earlier in the season. Check out our Fall driving tips for truck drivers!

Prepare for the Weather

No matter which part of the country you’re driving in, everyone knows that it gets darker earlier in Fall. This means shorter days and longer nights compared to the opposite that Summer brings. Planning your days and routes can go a long way as it can be completely dark in some parts of the country, just after 6 PM.

Weather in the Fall months can quickly fluctuate between nice days and cold, stormy days. Depending on where you are, you can even drive through snow if you are far north or in mountainous regions. Knowing the areas you will be driving through can help pack the essentials during these months and create a smoother drive. Checking the weather on your phone or television when you stop will help you know the weather ahead of where you are traveling, so it won’t surprise you.


The most infamous event that comes with Fall is the leaves changing colors and piling up on the ground after falling from their trees. When leaves fall from trees, they can cover road lines, potholes, puddles, and other road hazards while driving. If there are a lot of them on the road, it can cause the road to be much more slippery. Paying attention and being extra cautious can prove to be pivotal while driving in the parts of the country where the leaves fall.

Watch for Wildlife

Wildlife is much livelier in the Fall season than in Summer. Whether it be annual migrations, a particular animal’s mating season, or something else, be on the lookout while driving. Fall is traditionally deer mating season, causing them to be more active and potentially dangerous to drivers. Be cautious if you see deer crossing signs along the road. If you see a deer, proceed slowly, as they usually travel in groups.

Enjoy the Scenery

Lastly, there is a reason Fall is one of the more popular seasons. While driving, don’t forget to take in the scenery! Stop when permitted and take in one of the more beautiful sights nature provides us year after year. A quick online search can tell you where some of the best places to see the leaves are.

Fall is a busy season for the trucking industry as the world prepares for the holiday season that is looming in the near future. Driving safely and being prepared during this season is vital for the success of truck drivers and their companies.

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