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2023 Trends in the Trucking Industry

What to Expect in the Coming Year

With the continued growth of the trucking industry, updates and changes are made often, causing trends to vary from year to year. At CDS, we want everyone to be informed on what to expect within an advancing field. Here are some of the main trends you’ll likely see in 2023.

New Trucks

With each new truck comes new and improved technology, safety features, greater fuel efficiency, and more. Electric vehicles are also increasing in popularity and becoming more affordable, making them intriguing investments for some companies. The Tesla Semi is set to start production in late 2023, and the Inflation Reduction Act was passed, codifying tax credits for the purchase of electric vehicles. Many companies are running tests on electric semi’s to see if they have the same efficiency as diesel-powered trucks. There are also many tests being conducted on whether or not they have the same towing and load weight capacity as diesel trucks.

Change in Production Locations 

When it comes to equipment production, many states are gaining sites due to the increased demand for trucks. Dry vans are making the shift to Illinois and Ohio as their preferred location, while refrigerated trucks are moving to Illinois and California. Pennsylvania and Texas will continue to be the best location for flatbed vehicles.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

While diesel fuel costs may not be dropping in the near future, increased fuel efficiency from new trucks will certainly be present. For example, the Kenworth T680 Next Generation model is expected to have 7% more fuel efficiency, allowing drivers to get more miles to the gallon. Telematics are also being used to help drivers track their routes and reduce drive time and idling time, minimizing fuel usage for each trip.

Improved Technology

Due to the expansion of the trucking industry as well as rising costs, it’s important that technology is updated often. While telematics is being used to help reduce fuel consumption, it’s also being used to track and analyze different data points like location, speed, milage, and more. These points can help give customers more accurate tracking as well as improve the overall operations, logistics, and efficiency of a company.

While 2023 won’t bring on the most drastic changes to the trucking industry, it is important to keep it advancing as newer technology becomes available. Electric trucks will continue to make headlines as more and more tests become known and information becomes public. Following the 2023 trends will be important as we monitor which direction the industry will point to as 2024 approaches.

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