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Driven by Purpose

One Woman’s Trucking Triumphs

Taking the Road Less Traveled

“More women need to know that you can do anything you set your mind to.” – Amanda Worthen

In the male-dominated industry of trucking, women everywhere are making their mark as accomplished drivers. Their stories are as diverse as the routes they travel, filled with resilience, determination, and a passion for the open road! And there is no better advocate for women in trucking than our own Amanda Worthen, previous student and current instructor at CDS Tractor Trailor Training. Amanda strives for the success of all her students – and equal opportunity for the upcoming generation of women drivers!

Exploring New Horizons

Growing tired of traditional work, Amanda sought out a career that could provide her with more opportunities. She completed her Class A CDL program with CDS in 2018 and worked for both RCS Trucking & Freight and Lily Transportation during her time as a driver. In her nine months spent over the road, she had the opportunity to drive tanker, flatbed, oversized, dry van, and box trailer trucks. After trailblazing through 46 states, she continued to drive regionally and locally for another five years.

Switching Gears

When Amanda had her baby last fall, she began looking for other ways to continue her trucking career. Returning to her former school, CDS, she is now an instructor for hopeful CDL drivers! Hear her testimony:

“I love helping students and teaching them the importance of trucking and how it can change their lives. The best feeling is working hard with a student, seeing them pass their test, and them thanking me for all the help I gave them.”

Amanda’s influence within our CDL programs is invaluable. She empowers her students every day to tackle adversity and pursue success in the trucking industry.

Empowering Women in Trucking

A great role model for all her students, Amanda especially encourages her female students to challenge the norm:

“It is so great seeing more women coming into the industry.  It is a challenging lifestyle, but it is a career that many don’t have the confidence in themselves to try.  That’s where I come in.  I help with their confidence, talk to them about my experiences, and guide them on the path to a great career.”

Amanda’s journey leaves a lasting impact on those she encounters—we know she will continue to inspire us all! From breaking stereotypes to setting records, women in trucking are not just driving trucks; they’re driving change. If you’re ready to pave your way in the trucking industry like Amanda, learn about your training options at CDS! We can get you on the road to success with little hassle and ample opportunity!