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Why Become a CDL Instructor?

Benefits of Being a CDL Instructor

Becoming a CDL instructor can be a gratifying career path for current truck drivers. It allows you to use your experience to train the next generation of professional truck drivers. The trucking industry is growing and as a result, more instructors are needed to help train students. As a CDL instructor, you have the chance to help others learn how to safely operate trucks and know the rules of the road.

What to Know Before Getting Started as a CDL Instructor

As a CDL instructor, you will be expected to teach student drivers the basics of truck driving just like your instructor led you. Every student is different. They may have wanted to be a truck driver for their whole lives, or they may be transitioning into a new career. No matter their background, instructors must work with each student who wants to train at the truck driving school. 

When working with students, it is important to remember many will make mistakes. CDL instructors need to be patient and help them so they can become excellent truck drivers.  To successfully coach these students and boost their confidence, you will have to be calm and composed when mistakes are made.

CDL instructors are required to teach all class activities, evaluate students, and create a positive learning environment. A positive learning environment is essential for students to feel comfortable and confident. Instructors may also need to perform administrative tasks, such as maintaining daily attendance sheets and submitting reports. If you feel you are ready to take on the challenge and pass on your knowledge and skills to new drivers, you can apply to be an instructor.

Qualifications to Be a CDL Instructor

The requirements to become an instructor can vary from one state to another. Usually, most schools require CDL instructors need to have a high school diploma. Although formal education is not necessary to work in this industry, all CDL instructors need a valid commercial driver’s license and previous truck driving experience before becoming an instructor. If you hold a valid CDL and meet the eligibility criteria, you could help future drivers pass their CDL exams!. 

Here at CDS Tractor Trailer Training, we ask that instructors have at least three years of trucking experience. All instructors must pass a drug test and have a current Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card. We also ask that our instructors have a clean driving record. With three locations throughout Virginia, CDS has many opportunities available for current truck drivers wanting to make a career switch to instructing.

Benefits of Being a CDL Truck Driver Instructor

As a licensed CDL instructor, you will now have access to more benefits than you did as a truck driver. You will be able to spend more time at home with your family. You will no longer be required to be gone for multiple days in a row. Instead, you will be home each night for dinner and able to sleep in your bed each night. 

In addition to regular time off, CDL instructors also get to be home for major holidays. Here at CDS, we give our students time off for holidays which means our instructors do as well. Who would not want to spend more time with their families? Especially during the holiday seasons. As a CDL instructor, you can receive a competitive wage based on your experience, insurance, and paid vacation time. As an instructor, you will be able to help.

There are many reasons why people choose to become CDL truck driver instructors after years of driving. Some people want to help others learn, while others want a flexible schedule. Some are excited to prepare the next generation of truck drivers, which is just as exciting as driving itself.

No matter your reason, CDS Tractor Trailer Training is here to help you. We are currently looking to hire our own CDL instructors for Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Roanoke campuses. To apply, visit our website.