Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

Check out this selection of articles below to learn more about career choices and how to prepare for in-demand job opportunities.

  • happy new year sign

    Start the New Year with a New Career!

    A very Happy New Year to everyone from the entire staff and instructing group at CDS Tractor Trailer Training. What a year we have had in 2018. With so many students graduating from all of our training facilities, we have had quite a busy year. We’ve seen veterans, wives, married couples, best friends, and more […]

  • Continued Growth in Trucking for the New Year

    As we move toward 2019 many in the industry are wondering what the New Year holds in terms of the trucking industry. Experts overall are saying that 2019 appears to be a positive year for the industry. There will continue to be demand growth and plenty of jobs available for anyone who wants to get […]

  • semi truck driving through the snow

    4 Steps to Be Prepared for Winter Weather

    As the temperature seems to get colder and colder and winter sets in, many truck drivers are beginning to consider how they will prepare their truck so they can continue on working throughout the winter months. It’s important that truck drivers are aware of how they can prepare their truck for winter to ensure they are able […]

  • student sitting at trucking simulator driving

    A New Way to Prepare Truckers for the Road

    The CDS Winchester Training Center at the Lord Fairfax Community College recently had a visit from the Local DVM. The new truck driving simulator has been a big hit with our trucking students. Local DMV wanted to check it out for themselves. They checked in with James Robinson, one of our CDS instructors at our […]

  • cds tractor trailer training has much to be thankful for this thanksgiving

    CDS is Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thankful for You This year, CDS Tractor Trailer Training has much to be thankful for. From our staff to our awesome instructors, we have had such an incredible year working with so many bright and intelligent men and women. To our current students and graduates, what a year we have had with you! We are […]

  • truck driving is a great career for a veteran after leaving the military

    A Great New Career for Veterans

    Many members of the military return home to wonder what their next step in life will be. When they are honorably discharged from the military, what will they do to earn an income and continue to support their family? To many veterans, this is a very real and worrisome thought. However, the good news is […]