Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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    From Fan to Truck Driver

    As fall approaches and the summer heat dies off, a different heatwave hits states across the country: college football season. College football teams–and all of their equipment–have to get to the different stadiums in the different cities they play in, and they have to get there on time. The logistics involved with such operations are […]

  • "What Does A Pre-Hire Offer Mean?" text

    How Does a Pre-Hire Letter Work for a Trucker?

    Many students assume that if they got a “pre-hire offer” it means that they are guaranteed a job with that truck carrier. In some senses, students are misunderstanding what that intent-to-hire even means. So what does that pre-hire offer really mean? The Carrier WANTS to Hire You: If you get a pre-hire offer, you have […]

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    Hit Refresh for New Career Opportunities

    Dreaming of the over-the-road (OTR) driving job you once had? Miss the great pay and the freedom of the beautiful open road? Regardless of why you left the trucking industry in the first place, this highly sought out skill is worth investing in again. Consider refreshing your skills for the best job opportunities, or starting […]

  • blue and white graphic saying Truck Drivers: Rock Stars of the Road

    4 Reasons to Appreciate the Rock Stars of the Road

    National Truck Driver’s Appreciation Week is here to remind us all to recognize and appreciate the real rock stars of our roads: truck drivers. Here are four reasons why you should appreciate truckers for their hard work and determination… 1. Truckers Keep Us Entertained Who really makes concerts in our cities happen? If you’ve never […]

  • Find out the best option for your CDL training

    When starting to train for your career as a truck driver, the skills you will learn in your CDL training will shape your career behind the wheel. However, we know that training is not one size fits all. Here at CDS Tractor Trailor Training, we have several flexible CDL training options to choose from.  There […]

  • What is your salary potential in the trucking industry?

    Updated August 2021 The trucking industry is continuing to grow, and the salaries are steady right along with it. Building a successful career as a truck driver requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards can be great! It is always important to understand your salary options when starting a new career. So the important […]