Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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  • Image of a Thanksgiving feast

    You Can Thank a Trucker for Your Turkey

    While you’re enjoying your meal with friends and family this Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for truck drivers. Thanksgiving kicks off a hectic holiday season for truckers. These truck drivers spend long hours away from family during holiday festivities to make your holidays happen. Thanksgiving Each year, Americans consume approximately 46 million turkeys on thanksgiving. […]

  • Image of bull dozer on a hill. Text over image reads "non-trucking jobs for cdl holders"

    7 Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get With a CDL

    Just because you hold a CDL doesn’t mean you have to be a trucker. You may be surprised to learn that a Commercial Driver’s License is pretty versatile. There are plenty of other careers you can pursue that aren’t within the traditional trucking realm. Here are just a few of the many non-trucking jobs out […]

  • Image of military soldier saluting in front of the American flag

    A Great New Career for Veterans

    (Updated March 21, 2024) Many veterans return to civilian life and wonder what their next step will be. How will they earn an income and continue supporting their families? To many veterans, this is a genuine and worrisome thought. However, many military veterans are discovering a new career in trucking is something they can become […]

  • Image of a pencil filling in multiple choice test. Text over image reads: "Preparing for the Virginia CDL Exam"

    Virginia CDL Exam Example Questions

    Our job here at CDS Tractor Trailer Training is to prepare our students for the Virginia CDL exam.┬áThe exam covers a lot of information, and can definitely be intimidating. Memorizing the whole CDL manually isn’t quite going to cover it. Like any test, it’s going to take studying and determination to pass. As long as […]

  • Image of truck driver behind the wheel of a big rig talking on the radio. Text over image reads "6 trucking vlogs you should be following"

    Vlogs to Help You Keep Up with the Industry

    Truck drivers have reinvented the image of their industry with the use of vlogs and social media.┬áTruckers now share their life on the road and trucking knowledge online using vlogs and social media. Here are 6 trucking vlogs you should follow. Trucking Vlogs You Should Be Following Nic and Carla Meet the women drivers in […]

  • Image of football stadium with overlay of a graphic of semi. Text over image reads: "The Unsung Heroes of College Football" and a truck icon on top

    From Fan to Truck Driver

    As fall approaches and the summer heat dies off, a different heatwave hits states across the country: college football season. College football teams–and all of their equipment–have to get to the different stadiums in the different cities they play in, and they have to get there on time. The logistics involved with such operations are […]