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Preparing for the Virginia CDL Exam

Virginia CDL Exam Example Questions

Our job here at CDS Tractor Trailer Training is to prepare our students for the Virginia CDL exam.┬áThe exam covers a lot of information, and can definitely be intimidating. Memorizing the whole CDL manually isn’t quite going to cover it. Like any test, it’s going to take studying and determination to pass. As long as you know what you can expect, you can study and prepare to ace the exam.

Let’s take a look at what might be on your CDL exam.

How Many Questions Are There?

There will be 50 questions on your Virginia CDL Exam. To pass, you must answer 40 questions correctly.

What Kind of Topics Can I Expect to See?

Commercial Drivers and DUI

Driving under the influence is never acceptable. It’s even more dangerous when big rigs are involved. The Virginia CDL exam will have questions about blood alcohol content (BAC). It will be a multiple-choice question and may read like this:

What is the legal BAC for a CDL driver?

A. .8%

B. .08%

C. .05%

D. .04%

The legal limit for a CDL driver is .04%. Always be careful to check the correct box.

Other Major Violations on the Virginia CDL Exam:

  • Can you refuse a blood and/or breath test while operating a commercial motor vehicle?
  • What happens if you use a commercial motor vehicle to commit a felony?
  • What happens if you make a false statement on your CDL license application?

Speed Limits in Work Zones and Lane Shifts

Speed limits are meant to be obeyed, especially by truckers in work zones. Unstable road conditions, the presence of workers, and maneuvering traffic can make road work areas hectic. Expect questions about lane changes and speed limits, and know that you cannot resume a normal speed until you see the “End Road Work” sign.

You may also see questions about:

  • Texting and driving in the truck
  • Following too closely
  • Driving without a CDL License on your person
  • Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) & how to use them

Hours of Service Regulations

It’s important to understand Hours of Service (HoS) requirements. HoS questions are common on the CDL exam and might be phrased like this:

John started his shift at 5:00 AM, after resting in his berth for 11 hours. He has until when to take a 30-minute break?

A. He doesn’t need a 30-minute break today.

B. He must take his break by 1:00 pm.

C. He must take his break by 5:00 pm.

D. He must take his break by 9:00 am.

As you may know, a driver must take a break within his first eight hours of work, so B is the correct answer.

Stay Calm and Study

We certainly can’t cover every question on the Virginia CDL exam with this blog post, but that’s what CDL training is for! It’s okay to be nervous about taking your Virginia CDL exam. As long as you stay focused and study hard, you’ll be okay!

If you’d like to learn more about earning your Virginia CDL, contact us┬átoday!