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What is the VA Ready Program?

Virginia Ready Initiative for VA Residents

COVID-19 took our country by surprise, leaving many Americans out of work by no fault of their own. The people of our great state of Virginia were hit hard and we decided to do something about it. We have partnered with the Virginia Community College System and Virginia’s FastForward Workforce Credential Grant Program to offer credentials in our Class A CDL program that prepare you for a promising career in transportation and reward you with a $1,000 bonus after completion!

FastForward is a short-term, low-cost workforce credential grant program to train Virginians for top, in-demand jobs across the Commonwealth. FastForward covers ⅔ of the cost of tuition for a wide range of credential programs offered through Virginia’s Community Colleges, including the CDL training provided at CDS training centers.

What is a VA Ready Scholar?

To qualify as a VA Ready Scholar, first, you must be out-of-work due to COVID-19 and you must be ready to do something about it! Next, you have to enroll in and earn a credential through one of the programs offered at a FastForward backed campus. VA Ready chose to focus the programs they offer on the occupations that need highly skilled workers the most and could be completed in a shorter period of time. This is why our Class A CDL program is included on this list, as the trucking industry is urgently hiring and in serious need of qualified workers.

VA Ready Advantages

VA Ready gives motivated Virginians affected by Covid-19 to gain quick entry to a variety of in-demand fields. Becoming VA Ready Scholar at CDS also unlocks other great benefits:


FastForward takes care of 2/3 of the tuition for the program.

Reward for Earning a Credential:

VA Ready Scholars earn themselves not only an opportunity for a new career in trucking but also a $1,000 cash reward when they earn their credential.

Quick Training:

Most people at the moment do not have multiple months, or even years, to get trained in a highly rewarding job. CDS’ Class A CDL program can be completed in just 4 weeks!

FastForward Assistance:

People applying to jobs with qualified workforce credentials are 2x as likely to hire than someone with none. The completion rate of these programs is also over 90%, with every student who passes now possessing the skills to successfully enter the workforce.

Is this Program for Me?

If you have recently found yourself out of a job and are motivated to get back into the workforce, then this program is for you. CDS Tractor Trailer Training is honored to be partnering with the Virginia Community College System and Virginia’s FastForward program to make these amazing benefits widely available to Virginians who may be down on their luck. With this program, you unlock the ability to start a new career in trucking, quickly and at little to no cost. If you are prepared to get back to work, get behind the wheel of a truck, and make the Virginia workforce stronger than ever than you are ready to be a VA Ready Scholar!

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