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What Non-Trucking Jobs Are Out There For CDL Holders?

7 Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get With a CDL

Just because you hold a CDL doesn’t mean you have to be a trucker. You may be surprised to learn that a Commercial Driver’s License is pretty versatile. There are plenty of other careers you can pursue that aren’t within the traditional trucking realm. Here are just a few of the many non-trucking jobs out there for CDL holders.

Bus Driver

Being a bus driver is perhaps the most obvious alternative to truck driving. There are many different kinds of bus driving jobs. You could choose between driving a school bus, city bus, tour bus or intercity bus. Being a bus driver is a solid non-trucking job you can get with your CDL that will provide stability and flexibility for your life.

Highway Maintenence Technician

Highway maintenance technicians often need to operate large vehicles to complete repair projects. Dump trucks, skid loaders, concrete mixers, paint trucks–you name it! Highway maintenance technicians are often required to have a minimum of a Class B CDL since so many of these large vehicles are used.

Concrete Mixer Driver

Every concrete production company needs concrete mixer drivers to deliver concrete to job sites. To operate a concrete mixer, you must hold at least a Class B CDL. Being a concrete mixer driver is a great non-trucking job for CDL holders!

Construction & Excavating

The construction and excavating industries use a wide variety of heavy machinery: skid loaders, dump trucks, knuckle boom loaders, backhoes, track hoes, payloaders, flatbeds, bush hogs, cranes, steamrollers, bulldozers…just to name a few. All of these require an operator who holds a CDL.

Engineering Equipment Operator

Engineering equipment operators operate a variety of heavy machinery, such as pump trucks and trash compactors to help prepare terrain for upcoming construction projects.

Tractor Trailer Technician

While it’s not required (in most states), having a CDL is a huge plus for tractor-trailer technicians. Tractor-trailer technicians don’t haul loads with trucks, but they do work on them. Maintaining a fleet of trucks is a vital part of the trucking industry, and it certainly helps to be qualified to drive the vehicle you are working on.

Trash Removal

A job that requires you to hold a CDL that may not immediately come to mind is trash removal. You must have a CDL to operate a garbage truck! Operating a garbage truck is a stable non-trucking job you can get with your CDL.

There are many advantages to getting your CDL. It opens the doors to a wide variety of possible jobs that offer a surprising level of diversity, and there are many vehicles CDL holders can operate. So, if you were worried that getting your CDL would limit you to only being able to drive a semi-truck, think again! With so many possible jobs, there’s never been a better time to get your CDL. So, when you’re ready to start training for your great, new career, give us a call at 1-540-361-6661!