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Over-the-Road vs Regional vs Local Truck Driving

Pros and Cons to Trucking Jobs

There are 3 main types of truck driving jobs available today. Those are Over-the-Road (OTR), Regional, and Local Trucking. Each of these job categories is different yet equally important within the trucking industry.

The following is an explanation of each type of trucking and the differences between them. Take a look into the pros and cons to find what type of trucking works best for your lifestyle:

Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking:

Over-the-Road Trucking (OTR) is longer-distance trucking that often will require drivers to be gone on trips that have them driving for up to several weeks at a time. As a result, that can mean more extended periods of time away from home. However, once a trip is complete drivers tend to get an extended period of time off as the result of having worked several weeks in a row.

OTR means you will log more miles which is great if you choose to explore different parts of the country. Usually, long-distance driving means you will get paid bigger bucks for logging those extra miles as well. The extended periods of vacation appeal to many drivers, although might be hard on drivers who have family responsibilities.

Regional Trucking:

Regional Trucking generally refers to someone who drives trucks in a certain part of the country also known as a “region”. This might mean you drive for the “Southwest Region” or “Northeast Region”. Drivers in these types of jobs generally drive certain, predetermined distances within a certain amount of hours each day and are able to return home on the weekend. These jobs are generally paid modest salaries. Working a traditional 5-day week and getting weekends off appeals to those with families and children with whom they wish to spend much time as possible with.

Local Trucking:

Local Trucking jobs tend to refer to those jobs that people have that only require them to drive a certain route within a town, city, or certain area. While the pay for these routes might be a bit lower than Over-the-Road (OTR) or even Regional Trucking jobs pay, Local Trucking jobs allow most drivers to go home to their families each night or even several nights per week.

The Best Fit Depends on Your Lifestyle:

Each of these jobs has their pros and cons. The best fit for you will largely depend on the lifestyle you want to have. Those who need to be home on a daily basis will probably work best in Local Trucking jobs, while those who do not mind being on the road might enjoy the higher pay and additional benefits of Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking.

Now that you know what to expect when you are choosing which kind of trucking job you wish to have you can make an educated choice on the job that best fits your needs. For more information on which type of trucking jobs fits you best, contact an admissions representative at CDS Tractor Trailer Training. At CDS we are ready to help you earn your Class A or Class B CDL training!