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Future Outlook of the Truck Driving Industry

A Bright Future for Truck Drivers

If you’re looking for a well-paying job in a growing industry, you should consider a career in trucking. The pay is good, truck drivers are in high demand, and the future looks brighter than ever for drivers. The following are a few reasons why it is an excellent time for you to become a truck driver…

Pay is Great

Trucking is one of the few industries where people without a college degree can earn six figures. In order to begin work, you must earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Although starting jobs don’t pay nearly as much, the average salary for a truck driver is close to $80,000. The opportunities are endless for people with a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. A long-term goal could be to eventually open up your own trucking company or partner with a carrier as a contract driver.

Job Security

There are plenty of jobs available for drivers, and the numbers will continue to grow. According to the American Trucking Association, there are currently 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. The demand for drivers will continue to increase as the number of people who do their shopping on the internet increases. It is well expected to need at least 100,000 new drivers in the coming years. Job security with the trucking industry is obvious and will not slow down anytime soon.

No Longer as Demanding

Although there have been laws in place that regulated the number of hours a driver could be on the road in the past, companies have been able to circumvent those regulations. With the new legislation that requires trucks to have Electronic Logging Devices, companies will be forced to hire more drivers, and they won’t be able to make them drive for more hours than what is legally allowed. The ELD mandate is an important step to ensure safety for both drivers and civilians on the road. This also decreases the amount of time drivers will spend on the road per day and increases the hours of break time.


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