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Trucking Industry Outlook for 2019

Continued Growth in Trucking for the New Year

As we move toward 2019 many in the industry are wondering what the New Year holds in terms of the trucking industry. Experts overall are saying that 2019 appears to be a positive year for the industry. There will continue to be demand growth and plenty of jobs available for anyone who wants to get into the truck driving industry. As things look positive for the new year many experts also suggest that the positive trend may continue past 2019 and even into 2020.

Consumer Demand Continues to Increase

As 2019 years, the consumer demands for goods is expected to continue to increase. The economy continues to improve and experts estimate that the overall consumer demand throughout the US will rise about 3-4% throughout 2019. Considering that 70% of all goods that move across North America each year travel by truck, this means that there will be plenty of work in trucking. That’s excellent news for truck drivers, meaning they will have great job security and plenty of work in the coming year!

Truck Driving Jobs Vacant Throughout the U.S.

There are estimated to be ~52,000 trucking jobs that are vacant throughout the U.S. as we move into 2019. That number is expected to increase as we move throughout the year. This demand means that anyone thinking about getting into the industry should not have a problem finding a job once they complete their CDL training and are ready to begin working. There are jobs available in all parts of the country for soon-to-be drivers. Demand is there, drivers are needed!

Automatic Trucks are a Distant Future

Many drivers have become nervous about automated or self-driving trucks taking over their jobs. While¬†those trucks are indeed being worked on as a technology, they are nowhere near ready to hit the roads in full force yet. Developments of products like this will take years, if not decades, to hit the roads. Even then, humans will still likely have to operate some of the more challenging maneuvers a truck has to do such as backing up and getting on and off of interstates or busy highways. Truck drivers jobs are very safe moving into 2019 and automatic trucks are no real threat to driver’s jobs security.

Truck Driving is a Growing Industry

The need for truckers continues to grow as consumer demand increases and the population of the US rises. Considering this shortage of drivers there are plenty of jobs for people getting their CDLs at this time. The average OTR truck driver who has just gotten their CDL can make up to $45,000+ annually in salary just starting out. Many drivers also work for large carriers who are willing to help pay back some of their costs for schooling on a monthly basis if the driver signs a contract to work for that company (usually a 1-year contract). Carriers are also providing paid-time-off, full benefits, and retirement plans!

A Career Worth Considering

The trucking industry is clearly in-demand. Job security is excellent and there is no better time to begin your CDL training than now! Contact CDS Tractor Trailer Training about enrolling in classes to help you start your new year off with a new career by getting your CDL! We’re ready to get you started!