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Trucking: Not Just a Man’s World

3 Reasons Why Trucking is for Women too

Updated May 2022

Over the next ten years, the trucking industry will create one million new jobs. That’s 100,000 jobs per year! But even now, there is a huge shortage of professional truck drivers. While much of this shortage has to do with an aging workforce and a lack of young people pursuing the profession, there’s a much bigger underlying issue–the lack of female truckers.

Even though 47% of the American workforce is female, women only make up 7.8% of truckers, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA). Between this enormous demographic split and the overall shortage of truckers in the world, trucking is a prime career field for women. Here are the top three reasons why women should consider the truck driving industry.

1. Demand is high 

With 100,000 jobs opening up in the trucking industry annually, men alone won’t be able to fill the demand for drivers. This means that, regardless of your gender, there will always be job opportunities for licensed truck drivers all over the country, and job security is high.

2. Pay is competitive

The average salary for a truck driver in the United States was $48,310 in 2021, but those who work for private fleets can make almost double. Since drivers are in-demand, most companies have great benefits, too. And on top of all that, wages for truck drivers are rising anywhere from 8-12% every year, according to the ATA’s chief economist. Recently, major carriers in the industry have been raising pay past the initial 8-12%.

3. Promotions are standard

In the trucking industry, pay raises and bonuses based on both time at the company and safe driving are incredibly common. If you get a job in trucking, you won’t be stuck with entry-level pay for long, unlike many other industries.

The trucking industry is not biased towards women and is in need of more women to join the industry. If these statistics are making you consider a career in trucking, the first step is getting your CDL. With three locations across the state of Virginia, CDS Tractor Trailer Training is the prime place to get certified and start your career in trucking off right. CDS provides Tuition Assistance to students to make sure CDL training is affordable for students.

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