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What to Expect After CDL Training

Your Next Step in Your Trucking Career

If you have recently completed your CDL training, congratulations! You’re fresh out of training and ready to start life as a truck driver, so what happens next? Here’s a rundown on what you can expect after completing your CDL training.

Choosing a Carrier

When you sign on to a carrier, you should know what they can offer you in benefits. Some carriers offer tuition assistance upon hire and can help you receive CDL training reimbursement. To receive the reimbursement, you will likely be required to work for the company a set period of time. Some CDL training programs even offer a pre-hire program for students, making it easier to get started trucking after training.

When you join a carrier, many will offer you:

  • Mentorships
  • Advanced Training
  • In-Seat Driver Trainers

Signing with a carrier providing these benefits will jump-start your new career on the road, as well as give you the necessary learning experiences right out of training.

Hitting The Road

Within your carrier, you can expect company training to start getting that valuable seat time. This may include a mentor, a driver instructor in the truck with you, or other external training. All this is going to be your ticket to hitting the road as quickly as possible, with the tools and safety to succeed at every job going forward in your trucking career.

Advanced Training Tips

When you begin training after earning your CDL, don’t be intimidated by your new company! The training offered in your carrier will help you learn the ropes alongside experienced instructors who know what they are talking about. Here are a few ways to maximize your time in training:

Any training on the road will give you the most valuable exposure to your new life as a trucker. Doing so will help relax you more each time so you can fully enjoy your time driving.

These are the basics of what you can expect after CDL training. CDS Tractor Training wishes you the best of luck and safe travels on your new truck driving journey! Please feel free to contact us at the CDS Tractor Trailer Training for further assistance.