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5 Jobs with a Class A CDL

More Than Just Over-the-Road Options

Most people think when you earn your Class A CDL you are automatically going to be an over-the-road (OTR) truck driver. However, there is a nice variety of jobs available to those who get complete their training and earn their Class A. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Construction Equipment Operator

The construction field is booming and it always needs equipment operators. A CDL is a must when operating this type of equipment. Here are some of the machines that need drivers are

  • skid steers
  • knuckle boom loaders
  • dump trucks
  • track hoes
  • bush hogs
  • cranes
  • flatbeds
  • steamrollers

Terminal Manager

Terminal managers for transit companies typically begin their careers as truck drivers. Transit companies need managers to oversee the operation of their terminals. Experience as a driver is a real bonus in this field.

Tractor Trailer Technician

A CDL license is a huge benefit for anyone wanting to be a tractor-trailer technician. It’s not a requirement in all states, but many of them do. Understanding what the drivers deal with can help when repairing the vehicles.

Highway Maintenance Technician

While a CDL license is not always required depending on your job description it can help you advance in your career. Large trucks, such as paint trucks and skid steers, need drivers with their CDLs.

Tractor Trailer or Bus Inspector

A CDL is often required in this job. As part of the inspection, you may be required to drive the vehicle, which requires a Class A CDL. Having a good understanding of a semi-truck and/or bus is vital for this career.

*BONUS* CDL Instructor

Instructors for CDL training is needed across the country. As the demand for truck drivers grow, so does the demand for instructors to train this new generation. Typically, an instructor needs a few years of experience on the road before becoming an instructor. Being able to give real-world examples to trainees can only help them learn and grow.