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Semi Truck Cooking– How to Get Started

Why Cook in your Truck?

Truck drivers have long faced the problem of a living a “less than perfect” lifestyle when it comes to health, and who could blame them? After a 10-12 hour shift of driving sometimes drivers just want something quick and easy. Unfortunately, the words quick and easy are not usually followed by healthy. Fast food and truck stop diners menus are not always the most health or budget-friendly options, which is where truck cooking comes into play!

Truck Cooking Basics

After earning your Class A CDL and hitting the road, the first thing you will need to begin cooking in your truck is the proper equipment. While you can buy all the latest gadgets for cooking, you can also get by with minimal supplies. However, there are so many things that you absolutely NEED.

  • Some form of a cooking device: this can be anything from a small electric burner, crockpot, microwave, or even a propane grill if you want to cook outside the truck.
  • Auxiliary Power Unit, or Power inverter: if you are going to be cooking g inside your truck, using the truck battery, you will need a way to keep it running. Both of these tools allow you to turn your truck battery into power for your device!
  • Refrigerator or 12-Volt cooler: One of the biggest keys to successful cooking on the road is proper food storage. Depending on how often you want to go to the store, a refrigerator or an electric cooler are a must-have

Additional Equipment

Once you have acquired the basics to start truck cooking, you can start having fun with it! There are tons of things that make cooking in your truck easier and better overall!

  • Cutting board: having a cutting board makes food prep in a small space considerably easier to manage. Also, very cheap and space-efficient
  • Aluminum Foil: An on-the-go chefs’ best friend! You can use it as a lining for your stoves or use it to keep food hotter for longer.
  • Food containers: Sometimes it will be too late for you to cook and you want something healthy and easy. If you meal prep a couple of day’s worth of food and put it in containers, you can have a homemade meal at your disposal!
  • Multi Spice: With limited room for items on a truck, things that serve multiple purposes are crucial. Containers that hold multiple types of spices can save big on space and add big flavor.

Easy to Cook Food Items 

One of the most important parts of cooking inside your truck is the food you plan on cooking! While you might not be putting together a 5-course meal, you can still make some pretty tasty things. Here are some staples of semi-truck cooking!

  • Omelets
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Pot Roast
  • BBQ Pork
  • Steak and potatoes

All items on this last use simple ingredients, require minimal equipment, and provide you with a delicious and healthy alternative to fast food!

Making the Switch

Going from the easy life of eating all your meals out to preparing all of your food yourself can be a scary task. But there are things that can make it easier for you! Getting the proper equipment and planning out the right meals can help to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Cooking in your semi might be a challenge at first but just keep at it and you’ll be an over-the-road chef in no time!