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Roanoke Training Center Helps Women Truck Drivers

Why Enter Trucking Industry?

In a year where millions of people are out of work due to the pandemic, CDS Tractor Trailer Training in Roanoke, Virginia, is helping individuals get into the trucking industry. Although many people choose to enter the truck driving world, CDS has most recently been trying to advertise and target women to get into the industry.

Our Enrollment & Placement Manager, Christopher Bratton, has been working to enroll women drivers this year. In an interview with WFXR, Bratton said, “It’s a great field to get into, and having that untapped market of women who might have been afraid to get behind the wheel of one of these trucks, we ease some of their concerns and have folks enter into this career field.” So far, CDS has seen an increase in women drivers and interest.

One of the biggest things attracting women drivers besides a steady career is the salary. Current CDS student Amanda Hoffard was laid off due to the pandemic and received a grant to attend CDS. “In the next two years, particularly, I can expect to make $80,000 a year. When you’ve made less than $20,000 a year for your whole life, that’s a huge impact,” said Hoffard.

CDS CDL Programs

CDS Tractor Trailer Training’s CDL programs prepare students for all kinds of truck driving jobs, including the most popular local, regional, and OTR driving jobs. Our staff and instructors make sure you are career-ready by the time you graduate and are on the road. This includes vehicle and pre-trip safety along with maneuvering and driving techniques while on the road. Our program at CDS is 4-10 weeks long, depending on if the student wants to do full-time or part-time training.

CDS Tractor Trailer Training offers students financial aid, job placement assistance, and much more. If you are interested in learning more or have questions, please reach out to us via the contact page or give us a call at 540-582-8200.