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Virginia is For Lovers

What To Love About Trucking and CDS

Roses are red, violets are blue and CDS Tractor Trailer Training is crazy about YOU. We’re happy you chose to invest in your trucking career with CDS to obtain your CDL. One day you get the chance to be out on the road loving your new career.

On this special Valentine’s Day blog, we took the time to sit down with instructors and current students. We asked them several questions to try and find out what they loved most about CDS and the trucking industry. Here are a few of their answers we would like to highlight to bring you love and joy this holiday. Also, catch a few trucking-inspired Valentine’s Day cards at the end to share on your social media.

What Do You Love Most About CDS and the Trucking Industry?

Brittany Herrera, Office Manager

“I love CDS Tractor Trailer Training because it has given me the opportunity to be a part of changing people’s lives. It’s the greatest feeling knowing that we have helped someone achieve something great for their future.

I love this industry because I grew up around trucks. My dad has been driving tractor-trailers since before I was born. This industry opens up so many opportunities for people that they sometimes never knew they had. I have seen first hand how much of an impact the chance at being successful can make on a person’s outlook on life.”

Andrew Merica, Student

“I love all the instructors at CDS Tractor Trailer Training. They are really good at their jobs and keep a steady pace for students to learn. I always felt comfortable and on track during my training. I love the industry because trucking keeps America moving!”

Joe Wood, Instructor

“I love working at CDS Tractor Trailer Training. Every single day I get the chance to help people obtain their life goals in the trucking industry. I’ve been involved with trucks since I was nine years old. They are always changing, giving me the opportunity to learn more, and that’s why I love this industry.”

Coby Wiley, Student

“I love CDS Tractor Trailer Training because of their instructors. I believe they are the nicest and actually want to help you learn and succeed. Trucking is a pretty neat industry. You are able to see all different parts of the world you may not have had at a desk job.”

Molly Coleman, Lead Instructor

“I love working at CDS Tractor Trailer Training because I’m a part of such a great team. All of us have the same intentions, which is to help our students obtain a career they can be proud of. I love the industry because tucking is so versatile. Your possibilities are endless. You can grow and be proud of that growth.”

Ivan Quinn, Student

“I love CDS because of their amazing hands on training they offer for their Class A CDL. Stability is one of the main reasons I was drawn to the trucking industry.”

Eugene Harter, Student

“I love CDS Tractor Trailer Training for their friendly and helpful instructors. You can’t forget about the wonderful office staff too! Everyone is very professional and they have a competent curriculum. I love this industry because of the amount of career freedom you have. Also, this will be my job until I retire.”

Jeff Baines, Student

“I love all the knowledgeable and friendly instructors at CDS Tractor Trailer Training. The office staff is great too. I’ve never seen them not smiling. I love the trucking industry for all the traveling opportunities. I can’t wait to get out on the road and see the beautiful country.”

New Full Time Class Voted

“We decided as a class that we love the comprehensive training the most at CDS. We also came up with a couple of reasons why we love the trucking industry. These reasons were money, stability, opportunities, and freedom.”

Valentine’s Day Cards From CDS Tractor Trailer Training

We are a sucker for a great holiday pun! We love them so much, we made trucking-inspired Valentine’s Day cards. If you love them too, we invite you to screenshot them and share them on your social media! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. From everyone at CDS Tractor Trailer Training, Happy Valentine’s Day!

sending you loads of love card

you're a wheelie great friend card

plow the way to my heart card

i like the way you roll card

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