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Truck Drivers in High Demand: WDBJ7

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Our Roanoke Training Center made the news with WDBJ7 for a story focused on the in-demand need of truck drivers in Roanoke, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Due to the recent Colonial Pipeline shut down, gas prices continue to increase, but still, trucking companies are short of drivers needed to get the job done.

Steve Patton, the President of Watsontown Trucking Company, says he’s hoping more experienced drivers decide to come back to work, and he’s offering up to $6,000 pay raises as an incentive for new employees, so the company can keep up with demand.

“Prior to the pandemic, we might have been doing two to three loads a week, and we might be doing five or ten now,” says Patton. “You can’t have an economy open up and demands being placed on the supply chain like they’re being placed on this trucking company and then incentivizing people to not go to work, so that’s what’s presenting the challenges to us.”

View the full story by clicking the video below.

CDS Provides Hands-On CDL Training

With the continued increase in the need for truck drivers throughout the state of Virginia and the United States, CDS Tractor Trailer Training provides hands-on Class A CDL and Class B CDL training at their 3 locations. CDS is located in Roanoke, Fredericksburg, and Richmond, Virginia. Classes begin monthly, and CDS is still accepting new students.

The Roanoke Training Center is located at the Virginia Western Community College and can currently only accommodate 15 students at a time due to COVID restrictions. If interested in beginning CDL training, contact one of the CDS training locations to learn more about your options and upcoming class start dates. Truck drivers continue to move America forward throughout this pandemic. Help keep America moving by beginning your training today!