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Female Truck Driver Provides Advice for New Trainees

Taheera Johnson Shares Her CDS CDL Training Experience

Taheera Johnson began her Class A CDL training at CDS’ Fredericksburg Training Center in December 2019. Throughout her training, she experienced several hardships but continued to prevail. After completing her training in 2020, she wrote down her story to share with future truck driver trainees. Keep reading to learn more about her thoughts on CDL training at CDS Tractor Trailer Training.

Trucking Advice from Taheera Johnson

“I started school in December 2019. The first two weeks were really engaging and exciting. Then life got in the way and with the addition of schooling, it all started to get very stressful. I loved training at CDS and the information being taught throughout my in-class instruction and hands-on learning, but in the back of my mind, there was this added stress of being a mother, being present in a relationship, and still taking care of family members.

With everything going on, I thought school just may not be for me. I talked to friends, teachers, the ladies in the office, and even the owner of the CDS Tractor Trailer Training about everything going on in my life and even discussed quitting. It seemed like everything and everyone was against me and did not want to see me succeed. Through all of these struggles, CDS continued to show me overwhelming support and encouraged me to keep coming and keep trying. The teachers even went out of their way to help me when I did not understand something. I felt like they really wanted me to succeed.

Without their support, I wouldn’t be here right now living my dream. To me, trucking is not just a job, but a career and one that I truly enjoy. If there is one piece of advice I have for future students it is to be open-minded. Be willing to try something new and listen to the instructors. Learn how to work with the multiple instructors available in different areas of what you are trying to learn. Each instructor is knowledgeable in their own way. Some are experts in pre-trip instruction and others are stronger in off-set, parallel parking, or even shifting gears. Once you learn these skills, you will never forget them. These teachers are really here to help you learn and if you are willing, they will do almost anything to ensure you get it!”

Following Her Trucking Dreams

After completing her Class A CDL training, Taheera joined Swift Transportation and has been happily driving for them ever since. We are so proud of Taheera and wish her nothing but success in this new chapter of her life. We know that trucking will take her far! If you are ready to take that next step like Taheera did, give us a call at 540-582-8200 or check out our CDL training options. We are ready to help you get on the road to a successful truck driving career.