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Flexible CDL Training: We have options!

Find out the best option for your CDL training

When starting to train for your career as a truck driver, the skills you will learn in your CDL training will shape your career behind the wheel. However, we know that training is not one size fits all. Here at CDS Tractor Trailor Training, we have several flexible CDL training options to choose from.  There are a handful of factors to consider when choosing which type of training is best for you! Let’s review them here:

Length of Training

You may have a timeline of when you need to start your career. You may be trying to support a family or complete your training while still working another job. Therefore, how long the training takes maybe a huge deciding factor for you.

  • For Class A , CDS has a full-time 4-week program and 10-week part-time program.
  • For Class B, it is a 3-week full- time program or a 7-week part-time program.
  • CDL Refresher Course – 40 Hours

Timing of Traning

Again you may have a tight schedule you are trying to work around to complete your training. The good news is that CDS offer several start dates per month. If you are not ready this week, no problem. There will still be plenty of upcoming dates for you to choose from.

 Job Opportunity

Lastly, you will need to decide which type of job you are looking to get into. If you want to be on OTR driver you will need to take one of the Class A CDL training programs. However, if you are more interested in working in construction or passenger transport a Class B CDL would be all you need. Therefore, depending on the career you want to ultimately have will filter your choices for training.

Our students’ success is extremely important to us. We want to make sure each of our students has training available to them that works for their schedule. That is why here at CDS we try to provide flexible training for everyone. Let us help you find out which program is best for you!  Contact us to get more info on flexible CDL training.