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Refresh Your CDL Skills

Hit Refresh for New Career Opportunities

Dreaming of the over-the-road (OTR) driving job you once had? Miss the great pay and the freedom of the beautiful open road? Regardless of why you left the trucking industry in the first place, this highly sought out skill is worth investing in again. Consider refreshing your skills for the best job opportunities, or starting a new career as an OTR driver. Enroll in a CDL course where investing your valuable time is sure to pay off in job offers, and great benefits with top paying companies.

Job Opportunities

Trucking companies across America are in need of drivers with the right qualifications. With a CDL from CDS Tractor Trailer Training, the only thing stopping you from potentially earning over $1000 a week (plus benefits) is your procrastination. Earning your CDL license again, you have little to lose, and a lot to gain.

Earn your CDL

Earning your CDL with CDS could not be quicker or easier. In less than a month, you can earn your CDL (Class A or B) while actively seeking full-time employment at our recruiter events! You can be coming out of our program with a secured job with great pay, benefits, and job security. CDS not only teach the skills needed to pass the state CDL skills test; it also offers valuable behind-the-wheel experience to get you a great paying job!

Refresher Courses

Even if you have had your CDL before, our experienced instructors will prepare you for today’s job market. If you’ve left the industry, a refresher course may be all you need. The 40-hour refresher course at CDS will refresh your skills in shifting, backing, and all road skills needed to get you back on the road in no time. This program is tailored to the specific needs of each driver.

Choosing the Right Training

With tuition assistance, job placement, and hands-on experience in the CDL programs taught at CDS, you could be driving for a top notch company in only a few weeks! By choosing CDS, you will trained in both a classroom setting, behind-the-wheel, and even individual instruction. Our CDL training programs will prepare you for a rewarding–and financially secure–career of truck driver.