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What Would Happen if Trucking Suddenly Stopped?

How Much Does the Trucking Industry Really Impact our Economy?

Have you ever counted the number of semi-trucks you pass on your way to work or on a vacation? Probably not. The reality is, most of us do not notice the impact the trucking industry has on the society we live in. Truck drivers deliver over 10 billion tons of product each year. This adds up to almost 671 billion dollars in products being moved by freight. So we have to ask, “What would happen if trucking just stopped?”.

There would be a lot of industries, businesses, and people affected. Most likely we would see the largest change in the food, healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, waste removal, and banking industries. Here is a break down of what could happen if trucking stopped even for just a month.

  • Delivery of medical supplies would stop and life-saving materials would run out.
  • Service stations would begin to run out of fuel and fuel prices also begin to skyrocket.
  • Mail delivery services would no longer operate. US Mail and package delivery will cease.
  • Manufacturing plants will have to stop productions due to a lack of parts.


  • Food shortages would begin to rise. Grocery stores would quickly run out of staple food items.
  • Gas stations will have run out of fuel completely.
  • ATMs will have a shortage of cash. Banks will not be able to accept transactions through ATMs.
  • Garbage, recycling, and other wastes will begin to build up.
  • Other transport systems will begin to be affected. Trains and container ships will have to sit idle due to no products to transport.


  • Automotive transportation will be scarce due to the lack of fuel.
  • Oxygen supplies at hospitals will begin run out endangering the lives of patients.


  • ¬†Clean water supplies will begin to run out in urban areas.


As you can see, the trucking industry plays an extremely important role in our economy. Companies are dependent on truckers to keep their businesses running and society flowing properly. We have shown how all of these industries above are intimately connected and one adjustment could potentially result in a snowball effect. We are grateful for the trucking companies and the drivers that give us more than we ever imagined!

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