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Pros and Cons of Team Driving

Team or Solo Driving: Understanding Which is Best for You?

One of the benefits of the trucking industry is being able to have a say in what your career will look like. One of the decisions you will have to make is if you want to drive solo or with a partner. Traveling might be easier with a partner. Then again, you might be the kind of person that feels better alone. Both styles of driving can have their pros and cons. Here, we have laid out a few of them to help you decide which style suits you better.

Team Driving

Team driving is when two truck drivers agree to make runs on the same carrier. The main objective of team driving is to keep the haul moving at all times. When one driver takes a break, the other one keeps going.


  • No more loneliness. Usually, truck driving can mean spending time away from other people or even your family. Team driving can ensure that you always have someone nearby to talk to.
  • More money. Team drivers have the potential to drive more miles than solo drivers. This can sometimes result in higher pay.
  • You can pick your partner. If you’re married and your spouse is also interested in truck driving, the two of you could drive together. If not, you could pick a friend or a co-worker.


  • Too much company. Sometimes you want to be alone. Too much time with another person could be just as maddening as being isolated.
  • You have to share. Team driving is a bit like having a roommate. You have to share everything from food to a living space.
  • Sleep difficulties. Your body may not like sleeping in a truck bed while your partner’s at the wheel. If they’re noisy, you might not sleep at all.

Solo Driving

Solo driving is when you decide to drive your routes alone. You do not have a partner and you are solely responsible for the haul. Everything is on you, but that may not automatically be a bad thing.


  • Total control. Everything from the truck, break schedules and food stops are in your control.
  • Alone time. You’re free to blast your own music and be alone with your thoughts. Many people can thrive being able to have alone time.
  • Safety. You’re the only one driving, so you can ensure that you drive safely.


  • Less money. You’ll end up driving fewer miles and this can lead to a lower pay margin.
  • Fewer breaks. You can’t take as many breaks as you could with a partner.
  • Less sleep. Solo drivers can’t sleep while someone else drives. Therefore, any time you take to get some sleep you will have to stop driving.

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