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CDS’ New School Director, Crystal Kennedy

CDS is Proud to Announce their new School Director

CDS Tractor Trailer Training School is proud to announce Crystal Kennedy as their new School Director. Crystal has been with CDS since February 2013. She was previously the Regional Manager for our Roanoke Training Center. We are all very excited for not only Crystal, but for CDS and the future of our CDL training school. Keep reading to learn more about our new School Director!

Crystal Kennedy’s Trucking Background

As previously mentioned, Crystal began working at CDS as a Student Coordinator in 2013. A fact many might not know about Crystal is she was previously a CDL training student at CDS. She went through our full-time Class A CDL training program in October 2012, after leaving the insurance industry after 5-years. Crystal was approached by Chris Pender, CDS’ Vice President, the day she graduated and asked if she would be interested in a Coordinator position. After accepting the new position, Crystal knew she had found the industry and company she had always been looking for!

Views on the Trucking Industry

Its clear Crystal loves the trucking industry, especially since she went through CDL training before beginning her career at CDS. We wanted to look into more detail as to why she was so fond of trucking. Here is what Crystal had to say, “I love this industry because of the freedom it gives to those who join it. Freedom in many regards. Financial freedom and security to those who may have previously lived paycheck to paycheck. Freedom and opportunity to those who may have made a few mistakes in the past and deserve a second chance in society. Unfortunately, many industries aren’t set up to provide those individuals with an opportunity to succeed and break free from the restraints of their past. Trucking, however, provides a hand up to those individuals. Freedom to work in a steady, ever-growing occupation that allows you to have the best “office view” there is. Getting paid to see the sights of our beautiful country and the freedom to be the captain of your own ship, or truck as it may be, is a great career choice in my eyes.”

For those considering a career in trucking or earning their Commercial Driver’s License, Crystal would tell them, “If you’re thinking of getting your CDL…DO IT!  Don’t be afraid, don’t second guess the choice, just do it. Trucking isn’t going anywhere, and this industry provides so many opportunities within it. I certainly never thought when I climbed into the cab of a tractor for the first time that it would have ever lead me to this point!” Crystal is certainly correct, the opportunities in the trucking industry are endless!

The Future of CDS Tractor Trailer Training School

As for the future of CDS, Crystal is very excited! Here’s what she had to say, “The future is bright for CDS! CDS Tractor Trailer Training School has long stood by the saying that “if you put quality first, everything else will fall into place.” Sticking to that over the years and continuing to do so into the future will keep CDS as the leading CDL training provider in the state of Virginia. Big changes within the CDL industry, such as third-party testing and Entry-Level Driver Training regulations, will certainly have positive impacts on CDS.” We agree with Crystal and are excited to see what is in store for CDS in 2019 and beyond!


Again, everyone at CDS is very excited about this new promotion for Crystal and what it means for our school’s future. We are all looking forward to the coming months and new changes that will be occurring. If you’re interested in beginning your CDL training or maybe evening joining the CDS family as a staff member, contact us today! It’s a great time to join our team!